A modern label is draped in the elegance of yesteryear.

Photos by Ross Belfer and Noam Ekhaus


Seamlessly in line with her brand’s ethos, Creative Director and Founder, Maya Reik harnesses a confidence that is profoundly modest. With a sense of purpose that soars beyond trend and into the everlasting, there is a delicateness to her strength, so rare in its nature, it captures a room. 

Beginning by sketching handbags and clothing on a plane ride back from Rome with her father, Reik had been developing the Marei woman for years before actualizing her brand. From the conceptual sketches to the finishing touches, Europe is the main source of inspiration for Marei1998. Travel continues to be a crucial source of influence for the aesthetic of the brand.

For Reik, inspiration always begins with a woman’s essence. The Marei woman embodies an aura of confidence in her femininity. With an affinity for beauty and art, she has a classically elegant mystique about her. Marei1998 takes inspiration from the luxurious golden era of the early 1900’s which had a strong foundation in style. The quality and prestige of the past have  been reimagined to the present day for today’s woman. Marei1998 is distinctly minimalist with a timelessness and a unique ode to the past.

Having received a bevy of celebrity acclaim for her line of faux fur coats in hues of deep chestnut, midnight black, and animal prints, Reik’s affinity for animal rights has been noted. Among the noteworthy are Emma Watson, Ariana Grande, Bella Hadid, and Priyanka Chopra.

To ensure the integrity of the manufacturing of Marei1998 pieces, the team took a trip to Italy to meet the fabric providers who also work with The Row and Gucci. With a staunch devotion to the quality of fabric and precision in the production of the garments, Marei1998 blends elegance and sophistication with a casual and wearable approach to luxury fit for the Marei woman. The world in its most romantic sense is unapologetically definitive of the Marei1998 aesthetic.