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Privacy Policy


Our Commitment to Your Privacy:

  1. Below is the Privacy Policy of As Promised Ltd., Company No. 515883726 ("the Company" or "As Promised"), a company incorporated in Israel, operating a website at the URL, which is the website of a print magazine of the same name, serving as a content website in the field of design and culture as well as an e-commerce website for the sale of various products ("the Site" or "the Store," as applicable).
  2. The Site allows users to purchase a selection of products produced by various designers, directly from As Promised.
  3. As Promised is committed to protecting the personal information and privacy of all users of the Site or the Store. Accordingly, we promise to act with maximum transparency regarding the collection of information about users of the service and the way this information is used. This Privacy Policy is meant to ensure that you understand, in as clear and transparent a manner as possible, what information is collected about you, how it is protected and it what way it is used, so that you are able to make informed decisions. Therefore, you must carefully read the Privacy Policy in its entirety.
  4. This Privacy Policy is written in the masculine gender but applies to both genders equally; and wherever the plural form is used, it refers also to the singular, and vice versa.
  5. In the event of any conflict between the Privacy Policy and any other oral or written publication, the provisions of the Privacy Policy shall prevail.
  6. Any terms in this Privacy Policy that are not explicitly defined, will have the definition assigned to them in the Terms of Use of the service, which you must also read before using the Site.

Collection of Personal Information:

  1. We collect information about you that is directly needed for the provision of the service and sale of the products on the Store. When you use the Site, information about you is collected from the following sources ("the information"):
    1. Information you provided to As Promised consensually, knowingly and voluntarily. You declare that you provided the information about yourself of your own volition and with your full consent. You are not obligated to provide personal information about yourself, but if you do not provide the personal information required to make a purchase, we will not be able to make available to you the full range of services on the Site. The user alone is responsible for the accuracy of the information provided by him.
    2. Non-identifiable information obtained from the use of the Site, including statistical and aggregated information, such as pages you viewed, ads that interested you, products you inspected, etc.
  2. When making a purchase you will be requested to provide the following details: first and last name, full mailing address, credit card details and phone number (optional).

Use of the Information:

  1. As Promised will use the information solely in the manner allowed by this Privacy Policy or by the provisions of any law, for the following purposes:
  • Enabling the use of the different services on the Site, including online purchases, enhancing the user's experience, improving the services, content and products offered, modifying and cancelling services, tailoring the services to the user, and so forth, including through the use of cookies.
  • Direct mailing as specified below and in accordance with any law.
  • Data analysis and statistical research, and any other use of the information for internal purposes, including investigating complaints and criticisms.
  • Sending of updates by As Promised regarding the Site and its use.
  • Prevention of violations of these Terms of Use and harm to the intellectual property of As Promised.

Direct Email Marketing:

  1. Subject to your consent, As Promised would like to send you from time to time, by email or SMS, marketing and promotional information about activities and events that may be of interest to you. Any promotional information will be sent to you in accordance with the provisions of the law, solely if you have given your explicit signed consent. You may withdraw your consent at any time, whereupon we will stop sending you such information.

Provision of the Information to Third Parties:

  1. As Promised will share the information collected about you only with companies that provide it with services for the operation of the Site and the Store, including services of data storage and transmission, servers, clearing and forwarding and other third party services that help us operate the Site and provide our services. Service providers on behalf of As Promised may store the personal information on servers located in or outside Israel, all in accordance with the applicable law.

Apart from sharing as aforesaid, As Promised will not transfer the personal information collected by it to third parties, except in the following cases:

  • In the event of a legal dispute between the user and As Promised or anyone acting on its behalf, that requires the disclosure of information.
  • If the user performs an act on the Site or the Store that contravenes the law or the Terms of Use or Privacy Policy of As Promised.
  • If As Promised suspects that the user committed an act or omission that harms or may harm it or anyone acting on its behalf or third parties, or that the user engaged in use that may enable or aid or encourage the commission of a prima facie illegal act.
  • Pursuant to a judicial order that obligates As Promised to provide information about you to a third party, and in accordance therewith.
  • If As Promised sells or transfers in any way the activity of the Site or the Store to another entity, including in the event of a merger of operations or corporate merger, provided such entity or merged corporation assumes the provisions of the Privacy Policy towards you.


  1. As Promised and third parties acting on its behalf use cookies to enhance user experience on the Site or the Store (for example, so that you do not have to sign up again every time you visit the Site or the Store, or so that the items in which you showed an interest are stored in memory, or for the purpose of collecting non-identifiable personal information for statistical purposes, to enable improved service and user experience tailored to your preferences).
  2. The browser used by you includes an option to decline cookies, which you can disable at any time. If you do not know how to do this, you can look it up on the help menu of your browser.

Protection of the Information:

  1. As Promised makes utmost efforts to ensure maximum protection for your information. The information is stored and secured in accordance with the TLS security protocol, while credit data are encrypted using the SSL security protocol.
  2. Additionally, whenever we share information with a third party in accordance with this Privacy Policy, we obligate the third party to implement protection measures that are no less stringent than those employed by As Promised.
  3. However, you should be aware that no transmission of information over the Internet is totally secure, thus As Promised does not guarantee that its services will be absolutely proof against unauthorized access to information stored with it. As Promised's liability in such a case will be limited as specified in the Terms of Use, and nothing stated herein shall expand the liability imposed on it by law.

Links to Third Party Sites:

  1. The Site may include links to and from third party websites and sources. Any such site that is linked to the Site or the Store may collect personal information about you and use it differently from As Promised, in accordance with its own policy. We have no control over the use of your personal information by those third party sites, and As Promised does not assume any liability for the way information is collected about you, how and where it is stored and the purposes for which it is used. Therefore, whenever you are referred to a third party website, we suggest that you read its privacy policy and terms of use carefully, since this Privacy Policy does not apply thereto.

Retention of the Information:

  1. As Promised will retain the information only for the time necessary to achieve the purposes of use set out in this Privacy Policy, or for a longer time, where it at its discretion considers this to be necessary. As Promised carries out periodic reviews with respect to information retention and deletes information it no longer needs, subject to applicable law.

Users' Rights in the Information:

  1. The data collected in the course of the provision of the services on the Site will be kept in a database of As Promised, under its responsibility.
  2. Consent to the Privacy Policy constitutes consent to the holding of information about the user as well as any data generated from an analysis of the user's details in any database of As Promised (one or more), and to the lawful use of such information.
  3. You may inspect the information held about you in any database, in accordance with the Protection of Privacy Law 1981. Should As Promised be required to register the information kept by it in a database, all the rights associated therewith will apply, including the right of inspection and correction of the information kept in the database.
  4. You can contact us regarding the protection of your information at
  5. Additionally, if information in any databases established by As Promised in accordance with the law is used to communicate with you personally, you have the right under the Protection of Privacy Law 1981 to demand in writing the deletion of the information about you from the database.

Response to Inquiries:

  1. As Promised will be pleased to respond to any question and to provide any necessary clarifications, subject to the limitations of the law. For this purpose, you may contact us at

Revision of the Privacy Policy:

  1. As Promised is entitled to revise the Privacy Policy. In case of a material revision concerning personal information you provided, As Promised will notify you by email, subject to the requirements of the law, in order to obtain your consent to such material revisions. Unless stated otherwise, all revisions to the Privacy Policy will become effective on the later of the day they are posted on the Site and the day they are sent to the user. The date on which the Privacy Policy has last been revised appears at the bottom of the document.


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