As Promised Magazine

Until its conception, As Promised was just an idea. An idea that up until October 2018, with the launch of our first issue, existed as a personal well, irrigating our public and private lives, from the food we eat and the books we collect, to the conversations we commence. 

As Promised is an international, quarterly print magazine of 140+ pages exploring culture, food, art and design from the Eastern Mediterranean. Devoted to showcasing creative pursuits, the magazine exists as a platform for the voices of the region. With each issue, we seek to introduce our readers to a region that is relatable regardless of where they are from.  We believe that origin exists as a starting point but what defines a person is not where they are from but what they choose to be a part of in the present.

The magazine is sold in fine retail locations and museums across the world, including MoMAPS1 in New York City and the Ace Hotel. Distribution spans across major cities; New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Minneapolis, Chicago, Mexico City, Milan, London, Bath, Manchester, Paris, Berlin, Zurich, Amsterdam, Stockholm, and Tel Aviv.





Global Team

Editor in Chief: David Haliva
Editor: Meryl Fontek
Design Lead: David Haliva
Creative and Brand Partnership Director: Roee Lotan
Director of Strategy: Assaf Dagan
Cultural Curator: Cassie Arison
Strategic Consultant: Niv Alexander