A playful pairing, makes an ancient material relevant.

ABS Objects become an extension of the self.

Inspired by ancient ceramic craft techniques, Tal Batit fuses a contemporary color palette with his signature glazed finishes, creating an entirely new animal. Batit describes his aesthetic as driven by, “contradictions and dissonances, both textural and visual with color as a central motif.”

Batit’s 2017 series entitled Hybrids, depicts the artist’s thought processes and style. The series features ceramic sculptures resembling vases or vessels made for decor, function or both. Each piece is comprised of at least two separate parts made from terracotta as either the base or the top with a lustrous colorful shape for its other half. To accomodate an ever changing taste, Batit’s pieces are created with the same diameter, allowing for mixing and matching to create a bevy of pairing options. The pieces, which are handled separately through glazing, firing and assembling, are welded together during the final firing step, revealing an entirely new form.

Photos by Anatoly Krinitsky