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Issue no. 3


As Promised’s third issue showcases a bevy of aesthetes from an array of creative realms that ideate and conceive from a place that can only be described as novel. Our cover features the design of fashion vanguard Hed Mayner, one of the 2019 LVMH finalists, whose work encapsulates what it means to transform the unexpected, surpassing trend and redefining what is considered ready to wear fashion. Perfect Pairing, a culinary dispatch sends a writer to the village of Ein Rafa, located on the outskirts of Jerusalem where Michal Baranes and Yakub Barhom, a husband and wife culinary duo of different creeds, celebrate traditional local cuisine with an infusion of playful spirit at their restaurant, Majda. 

While we are inspired by all that is new, we maintain a devout appreciation for what has stood the test of time and remained. In Forgotten Flavors, a recently added section in the magazine, As Promised tastes kanafeh from Gaza and hubeiza from Haifa’s Wadi Nisnas market.