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Issue no. 4


Inside the fourth issue of As Promised, photographers, chefs. artists, and designers unearth what they believe to be their driving force or essence. Writing is used as a means to peel back the layers of opacity inflicted upon us by society and oftentimes by ourselves. Eyal Shani describes his cooking practices as a relentless endeavour in self discovery. A compilation of small revelatory moments in the kitchen become transformative. Photographer Michal Chelbin refutes the theory that along with maturation, it is necessary to mute the “childlike” openness, bravery, and the necessity to be heard. Fashion designer Maya Reik harnesses a confidence that is profoundly modest and unapologetically roots her brand within a world that is refreshingly romantic. Artist Tal R quite literally brings viewers to their knees with his one-work show at Magasin III Jaffa. The artist states that we will eventually find ourselves experiencing what it is to fall off one’s horse. The question remains, what we decide to do once on the ground.