To Build a Home

To Build a Home


Prat Living is a local destination for thoughtful interiors and inspiring craftsmanship.

Words by Victoria Singer


Dressing a beautiful, functional, and cozy home is the beating heart of finding our innermost comfort, and recent years have heightened the desperate need for both. Designers across the world have leaned into what have become necessary elements, and the product offering has grown - both in heightened quality and in popularity. 

Prat Living is home to international design brands from across the world that are expertly selected for their sustainable values, ethical work practices, and their emphasis on quality research and meticulous work processes. Boasting timeless classics and traditional artisanal craftsmanship from Scandinavian, European, and Israeli designers, Prat Living’s collection includes Danish brands Bollia and Gejst, Scandinavian brand Kristina Dam Studio, Finnish brand Pinarta, Spanish brand Omelette Editions and more. 

Through Prat Living’s online platform, patrons can delve into each designer’s story, his or her inspiration for specific product designs, and the complete, thoughtful philosophies behind each. For example, the ‘Norma’ lamp, part of the Shades collection by Israeli lighting designer Guy Mishaly. Who could have thought this hypnotizing lamp would in fact be inspired by Norma Jeane Baker, aka, Marilyn Monroe? But, upon taking in more details and gazing at the light’s mesmerizing structure, movement, and shape, the namesake is so evidently fitting. The one iconic scene that comes to every mind, replete with her billowing white skirt, has been fully realized in the form of this gracefully oscillating light. 

This is Prat Living’s raison d’être; to advocate for thoughtful and precise design that is purposefully curated and void of design trends, yet still remains novel and unexpected in its essence. Prat emphasizes buying smarter, with the complete intention of quality and longevity.

In person, shopping Prat Living’s brand stores in Tel Aviv offer a unique, conceptual experience, as each showroom features extraordinary design elements where every detail is considered. For design lovers who relish in discovering new and forward-thinking creativity in the field, this is the place to explore and understand the meaning and context behind many global talents and their exceptional work.