We Must Shop harnesses a sincere dedication to style that speaks for itself.

Words by Meryl Fontek
Photos by Dan McMahon for Baserange Winter 2020 Lookbook
Styling by Giovanna Flores

Olga Maron has established a community of devotees that want more from their clothing. Maron’s clientele is drawn to her concept space, We Must Shop, because of its magnetic ethos that is hard to articulate in words. “Either you get it, or you don’t,” Maron says of her shop, a capsule of palpable intention, a wearable gallery at the helm of an indie tight-knit community. Artfully adorned by color and brand, We Must Shop is home to hand-picked items made by designers that Maron feels a personal connection to. “If I have chemistry with the designers, the work becomes easy. Their clothing will translate in my space.”

Focused first and foremost on quality, featured labels include Paloma Wool, a self proclaimed “project” of multidisciplinary origins fusing clothing, art, and photography. The Barcelona-based conglomerate is accented by a cast of models and friends positioning the coveted effortless style as accessible with their candid confidence. Baserange, whose headquarters are in Toulouse, France have become a staple in both Maron’s personal wardrobe and sit front and center in her store. “It was a dream to have Baserange sold in my shop. Though they are upmarket, the brand has become a favorite among my clients. I go to their showroom every Paris Fashion Week.” 

Maron has a personal connection and bond with the designers she chooses to showcase. “I have been looking for the perfect pair of underwear for so long. When I came across The Nude Label, I knew I had to bring them to Tel Aviv,” she reveals. Based in Valencia, The Nude Label, offers streamlined undergarments made from organic cotton with unexpected tailoring, promising a subtle mystique.

She was first exposed to Korean brands while living in China. “I was taken by the color choices, oversized fits, and general streetwear aesthetic that was very relevant at the time.” Beginning in 2014, Maron spent extensive time travelling throughout Korea in search of contemporary designers whose fashions would resonate abroad. Over time, she built relationships with the brands she liked the most, Open Plan and Amomento. Both labels harness what Maron loves about the Korean aesthetic. “I met the brother and sister duo behind Amomento and fell in love with them and their line of sophisticated basics.” Open Plan, made from linen and organic cotton exudes a youthful spirit with their elevated pieces for the everyday. 

Hailing from across the globe, what the brands have in common, is an emphasis on creating a specific emotional experience via their designs. Maron’s affinity for a specific brand is, of course, related to its aesthetic. But, clean production, organic or natural dying, eco conscious manufacturing, and sustainability are of great importance to the entrepreneur. 

Before its brick and mortar conception in 2017, We Must Shop existed online, rendering a cult-like following from its start in 2014. Like Maron, her audience views getting dressed as an art form. Seduced by fine fabric, an unexpected cut, and exquisite tailoring, patrons see their wares as an extension of themselves, reflecting their inner world, and hinting at the idyllic version of the self. “For a customer that’s open to it, We Must Shop exists as a portal to a whole new way of experiencing getting dressed,” says Maron.