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Tattoo artist and aesthete Sara Kori on self expression and unexpected inspiration.

“I never thought it would actually happen,” Sara Kori confesses. The entrepreneur is referring to her dreams of becoming a tattoo artist. Beneath a pastel colored baseball cap, Kori’s dark mane grazes her hips. Dressed in a baby blue romper paired with Air Jordans, and of course, adorned with tattoos, Kori embodies the coveted effortlessness that makes onlookers do a double take. At just 22 years old, Kori has her own studio that seamlessly blends her personal brand with her professional persona. One of the most sought after tattoo artists in Israel, Kori has an unpretentious air about her. Her first tattoo, procured at age 17 was a true to size pencil and rests along her forearm. The artist, who doesn’t produce the same tattoo design twice, began her career at 18 during an internship at a tattoo studio. “By that point, I had a portfolio to show of my drawings and embroidery work,” Kori explains. Mirroring her own aesthetic of quiet confidence, Kori shares that tattoos are a form of silent self expression. “You can choose a design that satisfies something within you. Something personal, not meant for others to understand.”

Drawn to the harmony of the unexpected, Kori takes inspiration from Gucci’s mixing of patterns and spirited streetwear labels like Adish and Lazy Oaf. She is captivated by composition and object placement. “Even the way food is organized on a plate can spark something and I’ll end up drawing new designs.” Having spent significant time in Mexico City as a child, (the artist’s mother is from there), Kori has cemented the botanics, architecture, and zeitgeist for which the city is known in her namesake label, Sarakori. 

Beyond tattoos, Kori’s studio exists as a platform for her own designs of apparel, accessories, and features collaborative productions with local artists. 


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