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ABS Objects become an extension of the self.

Words by Meryl Fontek
Photos by Malkiella Benchabat


The visual language of ABS Objects, an acronym for founder Avi Ben Shoshan’s name, is an ode to nature, organic shapes, a middle eastern palette and local materials. Shoshan shares that inspiration for his line of functional and decorative works comes from history, archeology, art, and design blending traditional methods of craft with modern aesthetics. Motivated to highlight the interplay between human and object, the designer seeks to create items that seamlessly blend into the everyday backdrop. “From the start,” Shoshan explains, “the human body is involved in the creation of forming the clay. It’s a full body experience. The artist is fully entwined with the creative work.” Shoshan’s collections of candle holders, mugs, vases, plates, and bowls are fashioned with soft curves in hues that mirror the slow living for which the Mediterranean region is known. 

Inspired by movies, books, and scenes from daily life, Shoshan begins sketching his designs before creating 3-D models to then create a plaster mold for the clay. Hoping to elevate the mundane, the artist’s line of bowls, plates, and mugs makes sitting down for a meal a type of performance art where active participation and consciousness are ideal. In addition to creating ceramics for his namesake label, Shoshan plans to go back to working with wood, textile, glass, and metal. The designer received a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design from Shenkar college of Art Design and Engineering. Shoshan hopes to expand his scope of work into furniture, fashion accessories, and home goods. Colors and materials, foreign yet familiar, captivated the artist from a young age. The sentiment  of creating unique objects that are comforting in their familiarity is the driving force in ABS Objects.

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