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An Illustrator depicts footprints of Israel’s Flora and Fauna.

Hadas Hayun’s wandering garden series, featuring elements of the flora and fauna of Israel’s four seasons, is the result of a project the illustrator completed during her master’s degree at Istituto Marangoni Milano. The assignment called for a depiction of her roots. Hayun recalls her childhood in Israel during which she and her family moved houses very often. The single thing that each of her many domiciles had was a garden. The garden became the symbolic entity for home. The artist recalls finding refuge in spaces where she was surrounded by nature and beauty. As an adult, Hayun creates her own garden: “Wherever I am based now, I make sure to have a makeshift garden of potted plants and vases with flowers.” Hayun has grown to love the flora and fauna of Israel, calling them by their names and mapping and studying their indigenous regions to better understand them.

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