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The chosen textiles of Hed Mayner.

Photos by Michal Chelbin
Words by Meryl Fontek


Empty cavernous interiors stand in solidarity alongside Hed Mayner’s Spring Summer 2021 collection. A  bevy of undulating folds of fabric are held together by seams that create new bounds of the human form. The unisex collection, photographed in a 12th century Benedictine monastery in Abu Ghosh chosen by Michal Chelbin, promises an exaggerated extension of the self. Clothing, revealing in its concealing nature, instills curiosity in both wearer and passerby. Wardrobe staples of trousers, jackets, and button down shirts of biblical proportions all in signature neutral tones, make the everyday feel sacred. A steadfast dedication to earth tones, a returning to a natural state makes one wonder where person ends and cloth begins.

Amid the spartan monastery, Hed Mayner’s designs brush against history and exist as an ode to the billowing robes of the Benedictine order. The locale of this particular shoot captures the designer’s confidence in standing alone, in being seen within a crowd or blending in. The devout, fueled by staunch beliefs can often find themselves a lone voice amid the noise of the non-believers. Hed Mayner’s garments whisper softly, sway silently, but reverberate fiercely in their singularity.


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